99% of American’s don’t know what Freedom even means… See truly oppressed people, then you’ll see America’s purpose and potential

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In America we have people that love the idea of our country so much they leave everything they know just to be able to raise their children here; most coming from uneducated countries where they cannot take night school to learn english. Many institutions provide for the homeless, such as soup kitchens and shelters as well as those individuals that offer what they can. Elderly people going without medication that is necessary is due to the market putting such high prices on such medicine. The mentally ill receive better treatment in America than almost anywhere in the world. Our government spends more on the defense budget that anyone else in the world. Our vets sometimes endure hardship about said benefits; this is true… But the benefits veterans receive are quite amazing and the veterans not receiving these benefits are usually due to clerical bullshit. Yet their are children dying of starvation and disease everyday from under developed countries. Parents live in fear everyday of their children making it to tomorrow. Countries so under developed their everyday criminals make our hardcore criminals look like the golden girls. America is fine. And America once needed help too. What if France had said “Well, we have issues right now. The Catholic Church has majority of control over our government and we should work on our own democracy before assisting in America’s! Who will be here to provide for the families since our last few failed years of harvest?” America would’ve never existed. Maybe if the native Americans decided that they had too many issues to teach us to till the land and grow crops.. how to best hunt the regions and traverse the many different environments of the countryside. Maybe if that never happened the near genocide against them wouldn’t have occurred.

People should ask themselves this hypothetical: If I woke up tomorrow and the U.S. Government was no more, don’t think too far into it its a hypothetical, what would I be? Does the dirt under my feet make me American? Does the fact that I was given birth to within these borders make me american? Or does my idea of freedom make me American? Is it my value of true justice, privacy, freedom of speech, the pursuit of happiness and etc make me American? At the end of the day we are all humans. Because if you were standing in between two beds in the same hospital.. the bed to your left being a veteran, elder, or mentally handicapped person that may be troubled but is still going to make it and the bed to your right being a starving child that was dying of a treatable illness it seems like a no brainer. But if that child was from Somalia should we just let them die? I’m tired of people treating America like its their favorite football team. Patriotism is fine but America is in some near narcissistic delusion.

America has its issues, true. But if we only focused on our issues, which we apparently can’t handle, I’m looking at you congress, we wouldn’t be worth a damn. Because the logic of this pictures contradicts its own message. “My household has issues; yet you want me to donate money for the homeless? I have a job and other responsibilities, you expect me to take my time to help someone else while I also have troubles?…. Pffffft” Its a cold hard fact. We are all brothers and sisters on a big rock in space. All of which deserving freedom.

Some people may call me a tree hugger because of this post… but I’d rather hug a tree before I’d hug a person who thinks American comfortability is more important than human mortality.

I hope I didn’t sound mean. I was speaking in a nice way in my head as I typed this. But we shouldn’t hide the light we have here. Freedom is not property of America. Freedom should be given to all. And I’d be willing to give away every single one of my benefits as a veteran to save one child from starving.


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Nice hat

Nice hat

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That’s me, alright.


That’s me, alright.


Throwback Thursday.

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Surprise, Muthafucka!

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Your life is meaningless without following this blog!

Your life is meaningless without following this blog!

Your life is meaningless without following this blog!

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